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A Community Of Belonging

Now, more than ever, our kids need a community of belonging to help them grow into the future men and women of God they’ve been designed to be. The future is uncertain and in order to thrive, kids need to develop a level of navigational resilience that only comes from meeting Christ in community.

Students in grades two through twelve are invited to be a part of this exciting group as we continue to grow in faith together.

“I loved this reminder from Acts of what the Church should be…’Bold, beautiful, abound in generosity, teaching, empowering, praying, worshiping, sharing, eating together (Amen!) and thriving from the margins!’” (Resilient)

What started small has grown over the last few years into an inclusive Bible study group where our kids are able to engage with the Word in transformational ways. 

Now open to all students from second to twelfth grade, this Youth Bible Study is designed to provide opportunities for the next generation to live Christ-like lives as they prepare for their adventures ahead and equip themselves with the hope and truth needed to live in a world in need of both.

This non-denominational Bible study is comprised of members of various churches throughout our community. The group is designed to build both faith in Christ and Christian community among students in grades two through twelve. Each week we dive into a different passage of Scripture and address questions about how to apply the truth found in the Bible to daily life. 

For this year, the focus is on the book of Revelation, with students working together in small groups to engage with God’s Word and discuss how to best live by faith, unapologetically and in ways that reflect His light for others to experience.

In the summer 2021, a group of fifth grade boys began meeting to study the Bible together after returning home from Camp Bethany. A group of sixth and seventh-grade girls initiated a parallel group, prompting five mothers in our community to commit to opening their homes to host these Scriptural get-togethers on a revolving weekly basis. The group soon outgrew living rooms and finished basements and, despite having no denominational affiliation, the weekly meetings moved to the Church Home at Trinity Lutheran Church, which graciously provided the space. By the end of the year, the numbers had swelled to over 35 participants. And, now in consecutive years, the momentum has only increased and students in grades two through twelve now meet each week to worship, learn, and engage with Christ together.

Partner With Us

There are three main ways to partner with our ministry.

  1. We need volunteers to spend time with us on Wednesday nights pouring into our community’s young people.
  2. We need prayer warriors to pray that the lives of these students will be transformed in beautiful ways.
  3. And, we need generous givers to provide individually wrapped snacks each week and water bottles. 

For those of you who’d like to partner with us, click the button below. We’d love to get you plugged in as we continue to follow God’s leading and build on the momentum happening in our community.



what denomination is youth bible study affiliated with?
Youth Bible Study is not affiliated with a denomination. It’s simply a group of young Christians looking to follow Christ and move deeper into a compelling, irresistible faith that guides us along our individual and collective journeys through life.
What happens at Youth Bible Study?
We start with a worship song before breaking into smaller groups determined by grade level to study God’s Word. There’s a lesson each week and, ideally, each student has completed the (engaging, practical, and in no way homework-like!) “assignment” before every gathering, but anyone can come with or without a completed lesson. God will meet them right where they are!
Does this replace church or youth group?
Youth Bible Study is in no way meant to replace church or youth group. Instead, we hope to equip students to understand the importance of church or youth group involvement as they continue to connect to others and their community. You can think of this group as an enhancement to what students are already involved in.
What are the expectations for participants?
We want every student to come as often as they can, having completed their lesson and ready to participate in the discussion. Each student should listen to what others have to say and learn from each other. Come, have fun, and grow deeper in your faith with a group of friends following Christ together!
Can I join mid-year?
You can start any time! You can even bring a friend or nine. Each lesson stands on its own as an opportunity to study God’s Word and connect with others.
What should I bring?
Pen & paper (to take notes)
Lesson book (we provide)
Water (we have snacks!)

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